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The Green at Lakelands Country Club
18, 2 Lahinch Vista, Gnangara WA 6077

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Jeff and Gaye's Testimonial
'The facilities are amazing. We've looked at other places and nothing is equivalent to this and also especially the strata title. You own it. It's just like owning a house anywhere else. There are NO exit fees when you leave. We're really looking forward to building here and moving into this lovely community and we're very excited'
Jeff and Gaye
Rob and Barbara’s Testimonial....
“It’s absolutely fantastic…. and, the price is right!”
Martin and Ros LOOOVE being at The Green...
"We are so glad we retired at The Green. It's very special and we're so happy here."
Martin and Ros
Jenny thinks The Green is a fantastic development and it just doesn't feel like a Retirement Village
Jenny made the decision to come and make her home at The Green and is over the moon with all the facilities, amenities and the look of the whole village - why? Because 'it doesn't look like a retirement village - it's beautiful, absolutely stunning!' And...you OWN IT.
Ron and Ann's Testimonial....
“I’m really excited. I love to play golf and I’m looking forward to the new stage of our life….”
Graham and Helena's Testimonial....
“the decision to purchase at The Green was because you own your own house, you own the land as well, you’ve got the certificate of title….."
Margaret's Testimonial...
"Absolutely everything's been awesome...."
Margaret has fallen in love with The green
Swapping a beachside home to one beside a Golf Course with so many additional amenities and facilities to enjoy was an easy choice for Margaret. Listen as she explains why she loves The Green, an Over 55s Fairway Village so much and how the staff have been so helpful.
Pam's Testimonial...
"I wasn't prepared to go to one that was a Lease for Life with huge EXIT fees...."
Denis's Testimonial....
“one of the second people to move into The Green, been here since the 24th August, very good, very happy and a very good quality building completed…."
Liz’s Testimonial....
“We love it here at The Green. It’s a beautiful development, a great lifestyle, couldn’t ask for a more wonderful place to live….”
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